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She washes my cock and then she takes deep in her throat and in her other holes
(03 April 2023)

I get into the toilet when she was peeing. She laughs and doesn't mind. Then I ask her to help me pee by holding my cock over the toilet. She doesn't know how to aim my pee jet and she spills it all over the toilet. Then I ask her to clean my cock and she washes it before kneeling and sucking me deepthroat in the toilet. Then we move to the bedroom and I fuck her long and rough. But even then, she is not satisfied and she masturbates and fingers her cunt some more. PC131

Fucking a sexy ass milf behind the scenes, in her throat and in her pussy
(27 March 2023)

She went to the toilet to wash her hand and I got her on her knees in the door frame. I grabbed her hair and fucked her throat and then we move to the bed and she suck some more before I put her doggystyle and fuck her rough. PC130

Fucking a horny milf (behind the scene)
(01 February 2023)

We met in a cheap hotel for a long and pervert fuck. She begs me to let her suck my cock first and I give in and let her blow me. He soon gags in my thick cock and her saliva is dripping on her chin and on her tits. Then it is time to get in bed and I fuck her throat hard and then I fuck her wet cunt and shot all my cumshot over the tummy and pussy. PC129

Throat fucking a horny milf
(23 January 2023)

She loves my thick and big cock, she begs me to fuck her throat and as I agree, she kneels and start sucking it rough. I grab her hair and fuck her mouth, sit her on the bed with her head over the edge and fuck her throat deep. Then I fuck her pussy long time and in different positions and shoot my cum all over her pussy and tummy. She has intense real orgasms several times. She loves thick big cock and she loves to do anything to please for a good fucking. PC128

Milf throat fucking and long deep cunt fucking
(16 January 2023)

Sexy ass redhead begs me to let her suck my cock. Reluctantly I allow her and she kneels in front of me taking my cock deep in her throat. As she turns me on I lay her on the bed and fuck her throat from upside pushing my cock with all my weight deep in her throat. Then I just fuck her again and again making her orgasm several times. She really loves to be fucked like a slut and cumshot on her cunt and tummy.  PC127

Behind the scenes fucking hard milf slut
(10 January 2023)

Sexy ass milf fucked rough in a hotel. She suck cock hard with his belt tied around her throat. He grabs her by the belt as if it is her collar. She loves to be a submissive hardcore slut. He fuck her rough doggystyle, and cumshot. PC126

Throat fucking sexy milf with my belt on her neck
(05 January 2023)

She is very kinky. She loves to do all my fantasies. I love to pull out my belt, put is on her neck as a leash and collar and pull her by the belt while she suck my cock making her gag when my thick cock with big head goes deep in her throat. She loves to be fuckes hard doggy style and whipped with the belt over her ass. PC125

Horny redhead milf learns to be submissive and suck and fuck with a belt around her neck
(20 December 2022)

She loves to be fucked rough. She is learning to be submissive to obey to her fuck Master any desire. He puts his belt around her neck as a collar and makes her gag and deepthroat on his thick cock for a long time. Then he whips her ass with his belt while fucking her rough doggystyle and grabing the belt hard. PC124

Horny milf fuked rough and deep gets shivering orgasms
(12 December 2022)

She looks in my eyes while I grab her hair and fuck her throat. She feels the gag sensation but I keep pushing my thick cock deep in her throat until her eyes bulge out. Then I sit on the bed and relax while she suck my cock for a long time. I fuck her rough then, her pussy is so wet that you can hear the clapping of her lips while I fuck her deep. She has shivering orgasms, and in the end she goes to bathroom to empty her bladder over the toilet. PC123

She takes it deep in her throat then rides his cock like a pro
(08 December 2022)

She came to show me her new tattoo. As soon as she got naked I push my cock in her throat to stop her talking and loosing the time. She loves to suck my cock and then she turns around and show me her round ass while she slides my cock deep in her wet cunt. She has several orgasms jumping up and down my cock and then I grab her from behind and fuck her rough doggystyle and I ejaculate in her. PC122

Slutty milf taking it hard in her throat
(02 December 2022)

She loves a good fucking and all good fucks start with a blowjob or in her case with a throat job. I grab her hair and fuck her throat fingering her ass and pussy. Then I fuck her doggystyle rough and deep making her experience intense orgasms on my thick cock. PC121

Slutty milf takes it hard from behind
(01 December 2022)

She just made new tattoos. She comes to show them to me and she has to undress, but as soon as she takes her jeans off I push my cock in her mouth and she is happy to suck it. Then she turns around and goes up and down my thick cock enjoying several orgasms. Then I grab her hair and fuck her rough doggystyle cumming inside her. PC120

Fingering her ass while fucking her throat
(27 November 2022)

We met again for a hard fuck in a hotel room. She forgot the feeling of gagging on my thick cock and I happily put my thick cock deep in her throat while I push her head grabbing her hair hard and fingering her asshole deep. PC119

Fucking in a hotel room
(23 November 2022)

We went to a new discrete hotel and she is showing me her new tattoos. Then she takes my cock in her mouth and suck it hard. Then she bends over and we fuck long and rough. PC118

Redhead milf suck cock and is exhausted by rough fucking by a a thick cock
(03 August 2022)

Skinny milf with sexy ass suck cock deep, then is fucked rough by a mature man. He has a thick cock and fuck her so rough that she has the most intense orgasm. Then she goes to have a shower and it is so exhausted she almost falls asleep. PC117

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