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I love to pee on the ground
(16 November 2021)

We went outdoor and since I am all nakeed, I grab his sandals and go several meters away, open my legs wide and pee with a huge jet directly on the ground making a nice puddle. PC85

Long pussy play and fucking on a mattress outdoor
(14 November 2021)

We talk a lot and he is playing with my pussy outdoor, and then I suck his cock and he fuck me there on the mattress outdoor. PC78

Riding his cock outdoor and making him cum in his condom
(12 November 2021)

We went outdoor for a fucking and relaxing time. He inflated his armchair and he sits on it while I ride his cock cow-girl and reverse cow girl making him cum a lot in his condom. PC86

I get my throat fucked outdoor
(09 November 2021)

First I open my mouth wide so he can push his thick cock deep my throat. This gets him very excited and I turn around rising my ass very high so he can fuck my pussy deep and rough. PC76

I suck his cock, then I ride it, and then I clean and swallow all his cumshot
(06 November 2021)

We are outdoor on a deserted place, next to a railroad. I am on my knees, bent over him and I suck his cock for a long time while he fingers my pussy and my ass. When I get his cock thick and hard I turn around and I jump on his cock letting it go deep in my hungry cunt. Then I get on my knees again and I clean his cumshot from his cock swallowing it all, while he plays with his fingers in my asshole. PC87

He is fingering my ass while I suck his cock very sloppy
(03 November 2021)

He holds me in his arms outdoor on a mattress next to a busy railroad track. His cock gets hard and I start to suck him. He pushes my head down getting his dick deep in my throat while he is fingering my pussy and my asshole. Then he fuck me rough doggy style and after he cums he spreads my pussy wide showing how much it gapes. PC75

First I get throat fucked and then fucked from behind
(02 November 2021)

I sit on all fours and he fuck my mouth with his thick cock pushing it deep in my throat. Then he asks me to turn around and bend from my waist so he can fuck me standing, which he does pretty rough. PC88

Mouth fucking and long pussy fucking outdoor
(01 November 2021)

First I kneel in front of him so he can fuck my mouth and push his cock deep in my throat. Then we inflate a mattress and we strip naked and I suck his cock again and he fuck me rough for a long time. A train passes by and we waive our hand to the passengers of the train. PC73

He is getting my asshole ready for fucking
(31 October 2021)

I bend over and he is oiling my asshole, stretching it with his thick fingers. Then he fuck me deep in my ass and in my pussy with his very think cock. PC92

Sucking his cock upside down and getting it in my ass
(30 October 2021)

I climb with my knees on the inflatable mattress and let myself go down with my mouth on his cock. Gravity helps me get his cock deep in my throat and pulling myself out from his cock is rather hard. Then he oils my asshole well and he fucks me deep in my ass with his thick cock, outdoor, next to a busy railroad track. PC72

I film myself while riding his cock
(29 October 2021)

We have an action camera and we use it both to film ourselves fucking. First he films me sucking his cock, then I ride his cock and I hold the camera, and then he get it and fuck me again and ejaculates. PC96

I suck his balls and deepthroat on his cock, then he fuck me rough outdoor
(28 October 2021)

First he asks me to lick and suck his large hairy balls, his thick cock. When he is pretty excited he makes me ride on his thick cock getting some deep vaginal orgasms. He then grabs my throat and ejaculates deep in my cunt. PC71

Shower head masturbation first time
(27 October 2021)

I didn't know how to masturbate with the hot water and shower head. He told me how to do it and I did it with curiosity and I get some intense orgasms. PC100

Anal fucking, anal fingering and rough sex
(24 October 2021)

I push my face in the bed sheet and rise my ass as high as I can so he can finger it with lube and then fuck it hard. Then he throws me over the bed and gets on top of me and fuck my ass deep like that. PC102

Ass fingering and anal fucking
(23 October 2021)

He oils up my sexy ass and then fingers it with his thick fingers. He fuck me doggystyle widening my asshole and then he put me on my back and fuck my asshole rough grabbing my neck hard. PC97

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