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He fucks me so deep and rough it hurts
(28 July 2022)

We met for a fucking in a cheap hotel. I didn't got fucked for a while, and since he fucks me so rough, I get intense orgasms, he thrust his thick cock so deep in my cunt that I got a pleasure and a pain in the same time. Then he shoots his cum all over my mouth and I lick it and swallow it PC116

I am swallowing his cum in the car
(28 May 2022)

On a rainy day we went to our regular cheap hotel for a fuck. But it had no spare room and we had to improvise. He drove to a parking lot outside the city and I sucked his cock in the car and took his big load in my mouth swallowing it all. PC115

Milf taking it rough in all holes
(22 May 2022)

Sexy ass milf, readhead with big saggy tits takes it deep in her mouth, then in her wet cunt, and then in the mouth again. She can't say no to a good fuck, and she gets a long fucking. PC114

Sexy milf with saggy tits gets rough throat fucking and doggystyle fucking
(18 May 2022)

She smokes a cigarette while I take my cock out and undress. Then she kneels in front of me and I grab her hair and thrust my thick cock deep in her throat. He gags and cover my cock with her saliva while I push my cock deeper and deeper in her throat. Then she gets into bed, puts her hands on the wall and gets fucked rough from behind. PC113

Shower and long fucking amateur couple
(12 May 2022)

First she takes a hot shower, making her pussy wet, her skin moist. She comes into the room and I put her suck my cock, make it hard and long. I grab her hair and push her head closer, making my big and thick cock slide deep in her throat. She gags and salivate on the cock making it wet. Then she turns around and slides on cock while I push my thumb deep in her ass. PC112

Rough clit play and fucking hard
(04 May 2022)

Sexy milf is very wet. First she get her clitoris rough rubbed and when his dick is pretty hard, he takes her from behind. She loves it so much, she watches him with a grateful face while he fucks her pussy rough. In the end he rubs her pussy again with her thick fingers deep, trying to make her squirt hard. PC111

Shy milf starts with a dildo and then gets fucked by mature male friend with benefits
(02 May 2022)

She is a sexy ass redhead milf. Her mature male friend with benefits wants to see her masturbate with a dildo. She is shy and starts masturbating, embarrassed to be watched by him.  He feels pity for her and fuck her giving her his thick cock. PC110

Long fucking games
(23 April 2022)

We got a very intense relation. We are both perverts, we love to fuck and try something new every time. She rubs her clit and fingers her wet cunt until it's time to fuck, then she bends over and gets fucked really rough since her ass is so hot. But we don't stop there and we continue fucking for a long time in different ways and holes. PC109

Sexy milf with saggy tits and round ass almost squirts
(19 April 2022)

This cheating house wife met with a horny older man in a cheap hotel. He is fingering her cunt deep and hard making it very wet. Then she suck his cock and he fuck her rough; then he grabs a thick dildo and ravages her cunt again and again until she almost squirts. But her excitement is so great her pussy is almost locked in pleasure. PC106

Sexy ass milf deep fucking doggystyle and then ass fingering
(12 April 2022)

Sexy milf with saggy tits wets her pussy by fingering it deep with her legs wide opened. Then I bend her over and fuck her deep in her wet cunt and pushing my thick cock very deep in her pussy. Then I put her ride my cock while I finger her asshole deep. She jerks me off with her hand and licks the cumshot of her hand. PC105

Sexy ass milf rides a thick cock and gets fucked
(11 April 2022)

Sexy ass milf plays with a dildo until her fuck body comes in the room and gives her his thick cock. She gets on top of him riding his cock. He then fuck her rough. PC108

She can't say no to a deep doggystyle fucking
(09 April 2022)

She loves to feel a thick cock very deep in her pussy. The best way for her to feel it very deep is to bend over in a doggystyle position and open her ass cheeks very wide. I can't complain, I just grab her and fuck this slut deep. PC104

First she masturbates then I give her my cock to ride hard
(06 April 2022)

I asked my milf friend with benefits to masturbate with a thick dildo while I watch her. As soon as she made her cunt wet and my cock was hard I get in the bed with her and I put her ride my cock jumping hard on it. Then I fucked her rough. PC103

Playing with my clit in the shower
(05 April 2022)

I told him I want to take a shower, but while I play with the shower head I touch my clit and give me some more pleasure. PC107

Getting my asshole and pussy fingered while I suck his cock
(22 November 2021)

I was on my knees bent over his cock with my mouth full of it and with my ass arched. He is grabbing my ass, fingering my pussy and my asshole with his thick fingers making me orgasm while I suck his cock. PC81

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