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He is fucking my throat and then my pussy doggystyle
(19 September 2021)

He is asking me to sit doggystyle but with my mouth to his cock. He grabs my hair and fuck my mouth pushing his thick cock deep in my throat, making me gag and salivate on his cock. Then he gets me from behind and while I spread my ass cheeks with my hands he is filming his cock spreading my pussy wide. PC57

Orgasm denial
(17 September 2021)

I rub my pussy and clitoris on his leg and try to masturbate this way. Each time I feel an orgasm is coming he denies it and pulls his leg from my pussy making me want it more and more. PC95

I kneel and get my throat fucked
(08 September 2021)

I kneel in front of him, open my mouth and he pushes his dick deep in my throat making me gag and opening my mouth wide because of his cock thickness. PC49

He is fucking my throat outdoor
(01 September 2021)

I sit on the mattress outdoor and he grabs my head and pushes his thick cock deep in my mouth making me gag a lot. Then I rise and bend over on my tip toes and he fucks me hard from behind in standing position. PC89

He fucked me rough in my ass spreading my asshole wide !!
(31 August 2021)

We met on the street and she watches my sexy ass in blue jeans he got an idea. He asked me for a quick fuck. I never refuse such an offer so we went to a hotel. First I suck his balls and deep throat on his thick cock. I am amazed how thick I feel it in my mouth and I shiver when he said he will fuck my ass. When he puts his dick deep in my asshole I almost pop my eyes out. He doesn't stop and he fuck me rough in the ass. Then when we live in his car, he asks me how did it felt. PC48

Long and rough fucking outdoor
(30 August 2021)

He is pushing his cock deep in my throat while fingering my pussy and ass with his sausage like fingers.I suck his thick cock and feel it pulsing in my throat. Then I jump on top of him and bounce up and down in his cock. Then I do a U turn with his cock deep inside me touching my G-spot. When he is ready to finish I kneel and get his cum in my mouth while he is spanking my round ass. PC90

He is fingering my wet hole for long time and next we fuck like crazy
(29 August 2021)

He fucked me already several times today. We are on an inflatable mattress next to a railroad. From time to time trains pass next to us but we don't care. My pussy is so wet but I still need more. He fingers it rough with several fingers and rubs my clit. Then I suck si cock and he fuck me rough as it is my favorite kind of fucking. PC91

I rub his cock with my feet and soles and next he fuck my mouth and makes me swallow his cum
(28 August 2021)

He asked me to rub his cock between my soles and do a foot job on him. He loves it and makes me suck his cock deep throat and shoot his cum in my mouth. PC46

We are fucking long and rough outdoor
(27 August 2021)

We went to our favorite location, inflated an armchair and as soon as we strip and he sits on it, I get on my knees and suck his cock while he fuck my cunt with a thick dildo and oils my round ass. As soon as I am all lubed up I get on top and ride his thick cock for a long time. PC77

Helping him empty his bladder
(26 August 2021)

We fucked so much today that his bladder is full and locked. He needs to help to empty himself so I gently stroke his cock until he can relax and empty his bladder. PC82

I suck and ride his cock for a long time
(23 August 2021)

It is perfect to fuck outdoor. We inflated a inflatable mattress and I climb with my knees on the pillow and with my mouth deep in his cock. He fingers my pussy and ass while I suck his thick cock and then he asks me to ride his cock. I love when he lets me ride his thick cock and feel it rubbing me deep inside. I have a lot of orgasms when I fuck with him and you can see it. Also, we are fucking next to a railroad track, and from time to time trains pass by. PC74

I smoke a cigarette and taste his cock
(22 August 2021)

I smoke a cigarette topless at the window. He asks me to take his cock in my mouth a little and I gladly do it. PC45

Rough fucking outdoor next to a railroad track on an inflatable mattress
(21 August 2021)

We got naked outdoor on an inflatable mattress. Soon I took his cock deep in my mouth while he was starting the record on the camera. He grabbed my hair and pushed my head down until I felt his cock deeper than it was before in my throat. I climbed on him and ride on his dick getting myself several intense orgasms. Then he fucked me some more, grabbed my waist and rises me like a leaf wile pushing his cock deep in my cunt. PC67

I suck his hairy balls and big cock before he fuck me rough
(20 August 2021)

He sits on his back and I bend over and suck his hairy big balls and then his hard cock. He loves then I squeeze his balls with my lips and he is so turned on that he fuck me rough. PC44

He is fucking me next to a busy railway track and some trains pass by us
(17 August 2021)

We went to what we thought was a secluded place, we inflated a mattress and we started fucking. Just when I was feeling best and his dick was deep in my pussy one train passed by us and blow his signal making me orgasm instantly with pleasure and fear. PC66

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