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I finger myself to wet my pussy and then he fuck me rough
(21 October 2021)

We went outdoor and I sit on an inflatable mattress touching my pussy and fingering myself to get my pussy wet and willing. He watches me jerking his cock and then joins me on the mattress and I get to suck his cock making it thicker and harder. Then he fuck me doggy style for a long time and I turn around and jump up and down on his cock while he grabs my saggy tits and squeezes them hard pinching my nipples. PC70

I strip for him, suck his cock and he fuck me long time
(17 October 2021)

I strokes his cock while I strip my clothes slowly for him. Then he grab my hair and push his cock deep in my mouth and I suck his cock getting my pussy soo wet. Then we fuck for a long time, rough and hard in different possitions. PC101

I am helping him empty his bladder
(15 October 2021)

He fucked me so many times that his bladder is blocked. I stroke his cock and play with him, talk with him until he relax and empty his bladder. PC69

Fingering and fucking my ass deep
(11 October 2021)

He loves to bend me over, oil up my ass and finger it so it gets really lubed. Then he grab my hair and fuck my throat to make his cock really hard. And then he fuck me rough in my pussy and turn me around on the bed and fuck my asshole deep while he rubs my clitoris hard making have a three way orgasm : vaginal, clitoridian and anal. PC99

I suck his cock and he fuck me outdoor
(08 October 2021)

We are relaxing nude outdoors. She rubs my lips with his hand covered in saliva then he guides me to suck his cock as he likes it. Then he rubs my pussy and ass with lube and he fuck me deep and rough making me moan and screem with pleasure right next to a train track. PC68

He fucks my mouth long time and then he gives it to me in my pussy deep
(05 October 2021)

He loves to push his cock deep in my mouth until it gets deep in my throat. He sites on top of me and fuck my throat letting  him fall with his cock deep. Then he makes me ride on his cock and he fuck me rough doggystyle making me orgasm again and again. PC62

He is fucking my throat and then my other holes
(29 September 2021)

He asks me to strip for him. But I cannot do a sexy strip tease. I want to get naked very fast so he can fuck me. I am craving for a hard fuck. He first puts his cock in my mouth, asks me to sit on the bed with my head over the edge so he can fuck my throat hard. I feel his cock harder and stiffer and he gets me rough from behind, then I ride his cock and we fuck in many positions for a long time. I had four real and shivering orgasms in this video. Can you spot them ? PC98

He fucks me rough and long time in different positions in all my holes.
(25 September 2021)

When I am with him I get so aroused I cannot refuse him anything. He fuck my throat putting his legs on my back to push my mouth deep on his cock. Then he fuck me doggystyle making me moan and pushing my face into the bed sheets. Then he gets my missionary style grabbing my soles and fucking my hard to please cunt. PC93

Talking with my boss on the phone and sucking his cock
(22 September 2021)

I have to work from home often due to pandemic. I talk with my boss on the phone in a foreign language while he wants to fuck me. As soon as I finish the call I end up with his cock deep in my throat. As he gets more excited he fuck in on bed in different ways and makes me scream with intense orgasm. He doesn't quit and fuck me again and again and again. This is a long fuck video .. I am not complaining :) I can't get enough cock. PC59

Washing his balls, cock and ass in the shower
(21 September 2021)

After he fucked me rough, we went to take a shower and clean our sweat, his sperm and sweaty balls.  He turns around with his ass to me and I reach between his legs and wash his big hairy sweaty balls, his cum shot wet cock and his smelly asshole. PC94

He fucked me so rough that orgasm gave me a headache
(20 September 2021)

He loves to watch me masturbate while he stokes his thick cock gently. Then he fuck my mouth, let me jump up an down on his thick cock while he fingers my ass and then he fucked me so long and rough and fast paced that I had orgasm after orgasm until my head ached. Then he checked my pussy wetness to confirm my orgasms. PC58

He is fucking my throat and then my pussy doggystyle
(19 September 2021)

He is asking me to sit doggystyle but with my mouth to his cock. He grabs my hair and fuck my mouth pushing his thick cock deep in my throat, making me gag and salivate on his cock. Then he gets me from behind and while I spread my ass cheeks with my hands he is filming his cock spreading my pussy wide. PC57

Orgasm denial
(17 September 2021)

I rub my pussy and clitoris on his leg and try to masturbate this way. Each time I feel an orgasm is coming he denies it and pulls his leg from my pussy making me want it more and more. PC95

I kneel and get my throat fucked
(08 September 2021)

I kneel in front of him, open my mouth and he pushes his dick deep in my throat making me gag and opening my mouth wide because of his cock thickness. PC49

He is fucking my throat outdoor
(01 September 2021)

I sit on the mattress outdoor and he grabs my head and pushes his thick cock deep in my mouth making me gag a lot. Then I rise and bend over on my tip toes and he fucks me hard from behind in standing position. PC89

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